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A polo shirt is a classic combination of the timeless button-up oxford dress shirt and the much more casual T-shirt. Polo shirts typically feature a collar and placket with a few buttons and are made with a knitted cotton known as piqué. This design offers breathability, elasticity, and absorbance that made it the perfect choice for sports such as polo, tennis, and golf. It’s no surprise that the polo shirt has its origins in the game of polo, but the shirt received most of its fame through tennis, when the famous French player René Lacoste introduced polo shirts to the sport in the 1930s. Today polo shirts remain a popular choice for anyone desiring a casual look that retains a certain level of class and prestige.

Men's Pique Polo Shirt
normal fit
S 29 in 19 in 10 in
M 30 in 20 in 10 in
L 30 in 23 in 10 in
XL 32 in 24 in 10 in
2XL 32 in 27 in 11 in
3XL 33 in 30 in 11 in
4XL 33 in 31 in 11 in

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