When choosing a bowling shammy, it's important to consider the different materials available and their benefits. Here is a comparison of three popular shammy materials:

Shammy Material


Genuine Buffalo Leather

- Durable and long-lasting performance

- Excellent moisture absorption


- Restores tacky feel to the ball


Synthetic Blends

- Combines the benefits of different materials

- Superior wiping capabilities


- Effective oil absorption



- Ultra-fine fibers for excellent cleaning

- High absorbency and gentle on the ball


- Versatile and can double as a bowling towel


Choosing the right shammy material depends on your preferences and needs. If durability and moisture absorption are crucial, genuine buffalo leather is a reliable option. If you prefer a versatile and highly absorbent option, microfiber shammy pads are a popular choice. Synthetic blends offer the best of both worlds by combining different materials for superior wiping and oil absorption capabilities.

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